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Hello all! I came to let you all know I am doing excellent. I do not have time anymore to update here but I will let this community stay open for you all to enjoy. I am married now, have a 13 year old step-daughter and an 8 month old baby girl Analisa. Life is more than wonderful, but with a full time job and new family, it is impossible to find the time to create artwork. At least for now. You never know, I may be back in the future so please check back from time to time and enjoy anything I have posted in here. I appreciate the support from my community and the happy years you gave me when I really needed it. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

My baby! Her dad is Samoan, but look how white she is!
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public announcement

thanks for stopping by :)

if you came here looking for my graphics, allow me to re-direct you to icon_goddess

if you came here to friend me, i do not update much anymore due to time restrictions so you will be dissapointed if you friend me

i work 7 days a week now and icon_goddess has over 11,000 members which takes up most of my online time
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damn it!

i decided to go today and visit my big baby ducks...the ones that were born 2 months ago and another momie had babies while i was away!

she had 5 left...

i am not hopeful...there prolly wont be any in the morning :(
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got a new apt!

hell yes! i am finally out of this shithole....this one room prison!

i am moving to the building next

into a ONE bedroom! i am on cloud nine right now :)

and to to top it all off, it is only $40 more a month than i am paying now...and the building is way prettier and more quiet and my unit is an end unit next to the stairwell and only the kitchen and bathroom share a wall with the 1 cool is that?

and for even better news, my boss is giving me a paid trip to Maui for 2 people for the end of the year! 5 days, hotel room up to $200 a night paid and round trip airfare! all i have to pay for is fun :)

but in sadder news, i think the babies are all dead :( i went tonight and no sign of them :( no more needs to be said...
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more babies!

ack! this is a different mommie....this was one of my babies from before cuz when she saw me, she went bonkers....she prolly would have let me pick her up, she was so happy to see me!

she was scared and hungry, so i got her fed and got her ramp for the babies and just got back from checking on them and they are all up out of the water sleeping under her :)

head count today is 8....lets hope for the best...
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time for my usual duckie update...

i really havn't wanted to update on the lil guys cuz i am losing them fast :(

i have no idea why they are dying off because they seem so damn healthy and big but something or someone is killing them off

there are only 3 left now...i found 1 in the grass by a tree on Wednesday right after i found a squirrel dead and all curled up stuffed inside one if the pilars outside one of the pondside offices....i am not sure if the squirrel was placed there or if it tried to crawl in there for protection or just crawled in there to die

and then yesterday evening my mom and i went down there to look in on them and one was dead in the water and the other 3 were just hanging out with him....looked like they were trying to make him wake up or was a hard site to see....they didn't want to leave him....and they were nudging it and by the time we could find something to pick him up with, he had been sucked up into the filter next to where we found guess is that either the lil guys had pulled him out of there because maybe he was stuck because those filters have strong suction....i have a guess that maybe they were playing over there and he got stuck and lost air because when they were real small, they could pop in and out of the filter slots but now they are so big perhaps he got in there to play and couldn't get out

babies this size just don't die in the water....the only predator that can get them in the water is the seagulls and i really don't think that was the cause of this one's death...he looked untouched and in good shape

and so did the lil guy i found in the grass...

another guess is the grass or thrown in the water and perhaps it is not enough to kill off the seagulls and grown up ducks but enough to kill babies

my mom agrees that these guys seem way too big to be falling prey to to another that only leaves me guessing

and of course my last guess is that someone is fucking with them....i don't even want to pursue that idea in my head any more...

other than that, i am having a good time visiting with my mama

they are down here on business to promote their gaming website at the Electronic Entertainment Expo going on at the L.A. Convention Center and they got me a signed cd from Nine Inch Nails because they did the soundtrack for a new game just that was the highlight of my week!

just wish i had been there to meet them like they did....lucky dogs!
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going out for kareoke!

oh the good embarrassing times await us tonight ;)

i sang for the first time a month ago...did 'The Pretenders' "Brass in Pocket" a good first timers song...hopefully this place will have it tonight as it is one of the few songs i know by heart that seems to be on mosts lists...and it doesn't hurt that i can sing a lot like Chrissy Hynde ;)

fed the babies today...and guess what? this batch came running to me for the first today...i about died...nothing like 5 one month old fuzzy ducklings running to you in excitement...

life is pretty good right now :)

now if Jason could just see the light and get off his high horse and commit to me, i would be perfect...

but i think perfection may be over-rated...

have a great weekend friends!

and look at my new icon!