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□ the one and only icon_goddess □

and she is a kick ass mom!

and the dad is even better....i watched him fight off 4 male ducks at once that were trying to get at the babies....he is one mean ass dude :-p

i made a ramp for them and they learned to climb it in 10 minutes!

they are only a few days old and i am going to take piccies tomorrow....they are tiny!

the mom sits at the bottom of the ramp so while they are climbing it they wont slide down and she nudges them up with her bill....these ones stand a good chance :)

i am tired....gonna shower and relax :)
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yes folks, it lives....

joining the gym 'Curves' tomorrow....very excited for that!

going to IHOP and a movie whenever Jason wakes up...maybe the beach too

Suzie is sleeping under the covers with him....too cute!

me, i'm trying to be quiet and getting quite bored

hung out with Sandra and some other friends yesterday...very nice day....i have missed her....i am going to make a point to see her at least once a week...she only lives 15 minutes away for christs sake!

we went to a bar during the day and brought Sandra's 4 year old! lol

they serve food and stuff during the day, and we just played pool and listened to music...then went to the coast to invade the boys, where San Pedro starts to meet Palos Verdes and drank beers and then went back to her and Dave's house and played more pool and darts....Sandra wanted to go to the titty bar across the alley but i was not feeling it....next time i suppose

hope you guys are behaving badly :-p
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it was broken wing that was in the road :(

her bf is lonely and keeps looking for her

there are hardly any ducks left...most of them have taken off except for maybe 8...mostly boys

at least she is out of any pain she may have been in...
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there was a dead duck in the road today...

something tells me it was broken wing...

i havnt seen her all day

but she has been hiding in the bushes a lot...

i cried...

i left work early...

no matter which duck it was, it was my baby...they all are...
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broken wing is still around of course, but i think she is gonna have babies which is my worst nightmare :(

she was being attacked by 3 boys today (boy ducks) and she was running for her life...it was awful...i was chasing them off but i cant be there 24/7...

and she ran and hid behind the bench my boss was sitting on...he could have reached down and picked her up she was that close...she was just sitting there hiding...

my heart dropped when i saw that...she is so fragile and such an easy target...i am thinking of moving her...but i dunno...
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i am officially calling it V-day! **points to her icon**

Victim's Day :-p

i will be spending the day with my single gf...

we are going to a pool tournament and drinking tomorrow...yes, we know how to live it up...lol

Jason is not speaking to me...yeah, what else is new....

long story, and dont wanna bore you with details, as i really don't even remember what set us off :-p

all i know is he has not returned my calls in a week

fuck him


spend the day with someone you love...even if it is just an animal ;)
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Sandra came by to give me a payment in my mailbox and guess what?

she came up to see me!

it has now been 6 months since we have spoken....i am stoked out of mind! i missed her so much and she looks so good....and we carried on like no time had passed.....

i couldnt be any more happy right now :)
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Attention: Problem with S1 styles

"Just to let you know that a problem has occurred with custom S1 styles in the style browser and in your edit style pages, all the info about the style is blank.

This has been reported to LiveJournal developers and they will work to fix this. I'll post when I know more.

Please do NOT open a support request about this, support volunteers have already informed the developers and there's nothing more that support volunteers can do.

I strongly recommend NOT changing any part of any of your custom s1 styles in case of making the situation worse for yourself."
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between that and getting my community organized, i am pooped :-o

i got a $400 a month raise today so that lifted my spirits :)

i am almost in richland...lol

brings me up to $3k a month...and very well deserved might i say...i work my ass off and put in 100% to my job so i am worth it ;)

Jason and i are great....as back together as we ever will be...i think he is learning to trust me again....this takes time i know

but i am a good girl...for the most part ;)

hope you guys are being naughty! ;)
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